Good Coffee for Good Causes

There's nothing like a good cup of coffee. It is the fuel that jump starts us in the morning and drives us through the day. It is the perfect conversation starter between friends as we share our day and our lives.

The only thing better than good coffee is good coffee that supports good causes.  The 2Good Coffee Co. takes good coffee and pairs it with good causes in order to "fuel" those causes you care about.

Life is too short not to drink good coffee.  So help support those causes you care about - one cup at a time.  Remember...two wrongs might not make a right, but 2Good makes a great cup of coffee.

If you would like to talk to 2Good Coffee Co. about a creative and exciting fundraiser for a good cause that you care about, please contact us.

What is a coffee subscription?

A coffee subscription is a way to get the coffee you love delivered freshly roasted to your door every month while supporting a cause you love.  During your subscription your credit or debit card will be charged every month for the coffee about to be roasted fresh and delivered to your door and every month the cause you care about will receive a portion of the sale to help keep them funded.  It's a good thing for everybody! 

In summary:

  • Coffee subscriptions are available in 12 month and 6 month terms. (Of course, you may choose not to subscribe, but rather only make a one-time purchase.)
  • Each month (on the same day as your initial order) your credit or debit card will be charged either $13.95 or $14.50 (depending on the term of your subscription).
  • The coffee will then be freshly roasted by our Michigan roaster.
  • A 12 oz. bag of freshly roasted coffee will then be delivered right to your door.  (You specify at the time of order whether you want Regular or Decaf and Whole bean or Ground coffee).
  • The good cause you care about and supported by buying their custom-labeled coffee gets their monthly "commission" in order to help "fuel" what they do.
  • Over the coming days you will then brew up and ENJOY your delicious, fresh-roasted coffee -- knowing your drinking a Good Coffee for a Good Cause.